Project: A Large Rubber Flooring Removal Project

Client: Available upon request
Location: North New Jersey

The MACK Group, LLC completed a rubber flooring removal project at a leading Newspaper located in Northern New Jersey.  The project consisted of the removal of approximately 30,000 sf of rubber floor mat adhered to concrete.

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Services by The MACK Group, LLC

Asbestos flooring removal service by The MACK Group, LLC

The MACK Group was brought in because of the extreme difficulty in removing the rubber floor by previous attempts at hand removal methods.  The MACK Group utilized their battery operated Terminator machine to remove the rubber floor.  This process was 10X faster, much safer and cost effective than removing by hand.  Also, with the use state of the art “Battery” operated Terminator machine the removal was done free from any fumes or exhaust gases and able to be performed in occupied areas.

The MACK Group accomplished this project on schedule, without injury and without damaging the concrete slab. 

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